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Some dreams are big and some are small. In Kara Schuster’s case, they land on the big side. Very big …
In early December, Kara and her husband, Chris, celebrated the grand opening of La Crosse Wellness Center, a new 33,000-square-foot facility near Valley View Mall where an impressive array of wellness and fitness-related businesses have set up shop.

“I had been in the fitness industry for quite some time and owned Snap Fitness-Bluffside for six years prior to opening La Crosse Wellness Center,” said Schuster. “Even before we opened Snap Fitness-Bluffside, we’d been thinking about how to do something truly innovative that would allow a kind of convenient, one-stop shop for wellness and fitness-related activities and services,” she continued.

And innovative is a great way to describe La Crosse Wellness Center. With Snap Fitness, M.Y. Life Health Center (chiropractic and other services), PR Performance (strength, conditioning and athletic testing for youth ages 10+), Dynamic Physiotherapy (comprehensive physical therapy services), the Playhouse (drop-in day care), Reaching Your Potential (autism therapy services), and CrossFit UDX, you’d assume that’d be enough for Schuster. But that would be an incorrect assumption. Her dream is bigger. Much bigger.

“One of the coolest aspects of La Crosse Wellness Center is the Field House, a large, heated, indoor turf field able to be used for an endless list of activities. Soccer, tennis, batting cages, volleyball, football — even golf activities can be comfortably accommodated year-round. It’s incredibly versatile,” said Schuster.

But the innovation won’t end there. Also on the horizon for La Crosse Wellness Center is a bistro/café with a drive-thru window, an outside ice rink for hockey-related activity, and room for more wellness-related businesses.

“In this day and age with the nonstop running around families have to do, we wanted to build a solution that alleviated stress versus one that added more,” said Schuster.

At La Crosse Wellness Center, individuals and families can create an effective, fun and cost-effective wellness solution, all under one roof.

“When a mom can come to the facility and get a massage, go to a hot yoga class, grab a spray tan and follow it up with a latté while her youngest kids are being looked after in the Playhouse, I’d say we’ve provided a pretty good experience,” Schuster concluded.

Visit La Crosse Wellness Center at 2839 Darling Court in La Crosse. For more information, call (608) 781-7627 or visit online at laxwc.com.

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