Q. Why skip the store-bought hair color and opt for getting hair professionally dyed?

A. “Knowledge and education does not come in a box,” explains Ariel Narten, Orange Pearl Salon stylist and TIGI Colour educator. With boxed color, it’s hard to know exactly what’s in the ingredient list, and results can vary drastically. “Getting your hair professionally colored protects the integrity of your hair,” adds Chantel Turk, owner of the salon. Boxed color can be extremely damaging to hair, costing more to fix in the end than getting it professionally done the first time around. Your hair is unique and doesn’t follow the “one color fits all” process prescribed by store-bought hair dye.

Orange Pearl Stylist

By Katie TerBeest

The change of seasons may be the perfect time for a change of hair color. During September and October, Orange Pearl is offering a two-for-one color promotion. This includes any color service—highlights or full color—and at least one of the guests must be a new color client.

The salon, which has been in business for over eight and a half years in the heart of La Crosse, gives off a big-city vibe with exposed brick and mortar walls, contrasting contemporary wood flooring, soft glowing lights and sleek salon chairs in the loft-style building. The bright orange couch in the waiting area and upper-level orange painted wall add a pop of color to the establishment. Trendy yet professional, the unique look of the salon complements its passion for each client’s individuality. Whether it’s a pageant updo, a men’s fade, or bright purple hair, the salon prides itself on being versatile.

Turk credits this versatility to the continuous education each stylist receives. “Our new stylists receive an intense yearlong training program with twice weekly sessions, and all of our stylists participate in continued education twice a month, many times from national educators. We even have our very own TIGI Colour educator here in our salon!”

The stylists primarily use TIGI Colour products, because the brand allows creative freedom and encourages them to create custom shades for every guest. “Every hair color we formulate is specific to that client and never recycled for somebody else,” says Narten.

The forecast for fall color trends includes bronzed brunette shades, icy blondes and vibrant burgundy hues, according to Narten and Turk. Balayage, a hand-painted coloring technique, will also continue to be popular. No matter what you choose, Orange Pearl offers a wide variety of color-care shampoos and conditioners to protect your investment in your freshly colored hair.

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