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By Katie TerBeest 

A collision center is not somewhere any driver hopes to be, but if and when you need a repair on your vehicle, Pischke Collision Center is devoted to being the best, most technologically advanced collision center in the Coulee Region. Blake Winters, general manager of Pischke Motors, Inc., explained that opening their collision center in October 2015, located at 717 2nd Street South in downtown La Crosse, was necessary to achieve that goal. 

“We were fortunate to have acquired Lithia Motors in 2008, which brought us into the collision business. We were eager to apply many of the lessons we’ve learned in the automotive sales and repair industry to collision services,” said Winters. Today, the collision center employs 12 full-time collision service professionals. “If you have the right people you’re more likely to achieve superior results, and we feel we’ve got the best collision crew in town,” Winters expressed. “Our dream was to build a collision facility that matched their capabilities,” he continued. 

The new 22,000-square-foot environmentally friendly facility is full of state-of-the-art equipment that allows the team at Pischke Collision Center to fix cars quickly and efficiently. “A lot of thought went into the facility design and layout. Linearity and process are the keys to efficiency in collision services because we need to minimize the amount of time a vehicle takes up space on the floor. It’s important to maximize the speed with which we can make repairs without sacrificing quality,” Winters explained. 

At Pischke Collision Center, they understand that repairing your vehicle can be a stressful process. But, they do all they can to make the process simpler, and they pride themselves on the customer experience they provide. “In the end, it’s about satisfied customers,” Winters said. One of the many convenient services they offer is a selection of 50 no-charge rental cars accessible while your vehicle gets the repairs it needs. Equally helpful is the heated indoor two-lane estimate bay that allows customers to quickly get in and out when going to Pischke Collision Center for their no-charge estimates. 

The high-profile downtown location provides convenient access to local residents and those who work in the city, but the facility is also able to accommodate large volume fluctuations in order to respond to natural events, such as widespread hail damage. Easy to get to from West Salem, Holmen, Shelby and the surrounding areas, the team at Pischke Collision Center is there for the community. “Reputation is everything in this business; we strive to be a world class collision center by creating a culture that adapts well to change and is focused on quality and service. We never hope for repeat business, but we rely heavily on referrals. Our new facility has been instrumental in taking our business to the next level,” Winters concluded.

Visit Pischke Collision Center at 717 2nd Street South in La Crosse. 
For more information, call (608) 791-3040 or visit online at pischkecollision.com.

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