By Vicki Severn —


Kickboxer: Vengeance—Rated R
While this is a reboot of the 1989 movie, “Kickboxer,” with a similar storyline (a young man must learn martial arts so he can avenge his brother’s death), and it has Jean-Claude Van Damme (this time as the master, not the student), it provides an action and martial arts film for the next generation complete with everything we’ve come to love and know from Van Damme’s movies. This movie is 90 minutes long and is set to release Nov. 2.

Snowtime!—Rated PG
Friendship, loyalty and mischief abound in this family-friendly movie. While on a long winter break, neighborhood children decide to have an epic snowball fight. A misunderstanding turns into tragedy (and a sad ending), but this movie is refreshingly funny without the cynicism shown in many animated films. “Snowtime!” is 82 minutes long and scheduled to be released Nov. 8. 

The Librarians (TV Series)—Season 1
When the dangerous world of literature comes to life, only one group of people can save the day: The Librarians. Comprised of a super-intellectual group of time-traveling and Excalibur-wielding heroes whose secret headquarters are under the Metropolitan Public Library, this light-hearted fantasy adventure TV series is fun to watch with or without the kids. The cast is a balance of new and familiar faces (Noah Wyle, Rebecca Romijn, John Larroquette) and is a spin-off of the made-for-TV movies of the same titles. The first season will be available Nov. 1.