Q. I’ve tried every mascara out there to make my lashes longer and thicker looking. Nothing works! What can I do to get beautiful lashes?

A. At Sitara Salon & Spa, your eyelashes can become dramatic, bold and beautiful! Babe eyelash extensions create lash fullness without mascara. Come ready to relax, nap and indulge, then wake up looking fabulous. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent weightless lashes with a natural look and feel that can be worn while sleeping, swimming and sweating. They last indefinitely with refills every two to four weeks. The application process is very comfortable. The extension is applied directly to your individual natural eyelash, one at a time. The length and thickness of extensions are matched to your preferences.


This time of year is tough on skin and hair and can make you feel just plain blah. Beat the winter blahs with help from Sitara Salon & Spa. This Aveda Concept Salon, located in Onalaska, Wisconsin, is always on the cutting edge, staying on top of the latest beauty and spa trends with ongoing classes. Committed to rejuvenation, stress relief and total pampering using plant-based products whenever possible, Sitara also provides all the professional salon services you need with unique designs for hair and customized color.

Sitara co-owner Marie Flock and her team have provided a few more ideas to help you look and feel your best throughout the winter months.

Q. My scalp and hair are so itchy and dry. What can I do to get them back to feeling normal and looking beautiful?

A. Sitara offers a great Botanical Therapy Scalp and Hair Treatment to get your hair looking healthier and shinier while feeling soft and silky. Breakthrough plant micro-technology penetrates strands for intense moisture or repair with customized treatments to meet your personal needs, restoring balance to the ecosystem of your scalp and hair.

Q. My skin just looks dull and dry this time of year. What can I do to make it look soft, hydrated and replenished?

A. One of the most exciting launches for Sitara has been Aveda’s new Dual Exfoliation Peel. It’s the latest advancement in noninvasive, skin-renewing treatments. This professional treatment delivers immediate, visible results. You will notice improved skin texture, clarity and radiance, revealing fresher, younger looking skin. Sitara uses Tulasara Oleation oil as part of the process to help nourish and restore skin’s radiance with a 100 percent naturally derived blend of six plant oils designed to be massaged into skin after facial dry brushing to help promote microcirculation. 

Beat the winter blues and blahs by making an appointment today with the team at Sitara Salon & Spa: (608) 781-0924 or www.sitarasalon.com.