Looking Over the Edge

By Fred Kusch — 

Yep, I know it is an old cliché, but as I move into the new year, I have realized once again that I have arrived at the corner of “what if and why not.” As a man who has embarked on his seventh decade on earth, I realize that this first corner of the new year is a place to re-examine the state of my hopes, dreams and aspirations. I have decided that on the downward slope of life, I am going to spend more time on passions, possibilities and can’t-wait-to-dos. In fact, I am making a list for the next 12 months to see just how much I can accomplish. No more focus on an overdeveloped sense of obligations, responsibilities and to-do lists.

As John Wayne once said in one of his movies, “Time is wasting, get moving. We’re burning too much daylight.” Well, I am not going to burn any more daylight. I am committed to the statement, “This is my time!” I admonish each of you reading this to think about the same. This is your time; what will you do with it?

I am devoting this year to the philosophic position of making the most of what I have left. If there is something I want that doesn’t exist, I know it is up to me to create it. Do you have a song to sing, a book to write, art you want to create, food you want to taste, a place you want to go? It’s time to design and plan the rest of your life and how you want to live it. 

As you plan your journey through 2017 and beyond, set three to five goals for yourself—powerhouse goals, goals that will inspire you and drive you to fulfill them. They will provide the vision and the direction for where you want to go from the corner of “what if and why not.” Make sure as you write down these goals that you lead with your heart and let it light the path for you. Ask yourself, “What do I really want to do now?” Forget what you have done until now. What is important is what you want to do with the time you have left. 

What are your top three or four values? Remember, values drive behavior. You will do what you believe in. What are you good at? Fulfilling your competencies will excite you and bring meaning and purpose to your day while helping you reach your highest hopes for yourself and your life. It is most important to remember that today wants you and your inner child to come out and play. I challenge you to make 2017 a time to laugh, dance and sing.

Start each day of this new year with a smile on your face and love in your heart because you know the answers to the questions, “What if and why not?”

Fred Kusch, president and CEO of JFK Associates, is a well-known speaker, author, consultant and business coach. For more information, visit jfkassociates.com.