Driftless Region

By Todd Jensen — 

Last year, FOX 25/48 teamed up with Dahl Subaru in La Crosse and the Mississippi Valley Conservancy to celebrate Earth Day and this amazing place we call the Driftless Area. FOX 25/48 capped this monthlong celebration of everything green by attending Earth Fair 2016 and airing the broadcast premiere of “Mysteries of the Driftless,” an Emmy Award-winning documentary that focuses on the Driftless Area’s rare ecosystem. FOX 25/48 will once again air “Mysteries of the Driftless” this April.

“Mysteries of the Driftless” Documentary

“Mysteries of the Driftless” is a locally produced and filmed 30-minute documentary that explores the region by land, water and air. The team that created the documentary set out to expose both the “science and threats” behind the rare plants and animals, unusual geological phenomena, and the native cultures that called—and still call—this area home.

A Little About the Driftless Area

The Driftless spans four states and covers over 16,200 square miles. Traveling to the northernmost part of the Driftless, there you would find Menomonie, Wisconsin. Going southward, we could find ourselves in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Heading west, the Driftless stretches to Mason City in Iowa and Austin in Minnesota. To the east, the Driftless reaches all the way to Baraboo, Wisconsin. The northwestern tip of Illinois is also within the boundaries of the Driftless.

This region is characterized by deep river valleys, densely forested hills, bluffs that can reach 600 feet in height, wetlands, hilltop prairies, winding roads and rolling farmlands. “Mysteries of the Driftless” goes into detail on the area’s unique geological properties and ecological diversity. One of those unique geological properties is the Kickapoo River Valley, which flows through the heart of the Driftless. The Kickapoo River and the bulk of its contributory system have never been significantly altered by glacial activity or human interference, making it one of the oldest and most unique river systems in the world.

This Year on FOX 25/48

You will be able to find FOX 25/48 on air, online, and on the ground during Earth Day and the month of April. This year, FOX 25/48 will be present at the Earth Fair, which will be held Sunday, April 30, at Myrick Park and the Myrick Park Center located at 789 Myrick Park Drive in La Crosse. On air, FOX 25/48 will again be proudly showing “Mysteries of the Driftless” (courtesy of the Mississippi Valley Conservancy) in addition to special coverage of Earth Day during our First News at Nine. FOX 25/48 is also partnering up with public schools to tap into the creative energy of students to focus on our environment You can visit www.WIProud.com/Earth-Day to learn more about the Driftless Area and FOX 25/48’s Earth Day programming!

As always, FOX 25/48 is proud to be a part of this community and the unique region in which we all live.

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