By Terri Schlichenmeyer — 

Look at the calendar and you’ll see summer is coming sooner than you think. Riverfest. Bike rides along the Mississippi. A dip in Lake Neshonoc, barbecues in the backyard, your favorite hometown festivals … you’re ready for fun! There’s still time to look and feel your best, and it starts with one of these great books.

Lose Your Final 15
We all know how hard it is to lose those last few pounds, and in “Lose Your Final 15” by Rovenia M. Brock, Ph.D., you’ll get lifelong tips for shedding the pounds and keeping them off forever. It won’t be hard, but “Dr. Ro” offers advice and great takeaway stories to help you look awesome on the Ferris wheel.

The Secret Life of Fat
But don’t overdo it—in “The Secret Life of Fat” by Sylvia Tara, Ph.D., you’ll see how fat is your friend. Turns out we need a little extra poundage here and there—it keeps us safe by regulating hormones, mood and body temperature. So, lose a little weight … but don’t feel too guilty for having another powdered-sugar-covered cowpie.

What Doesn’t Kill Us
Oh, and speaking of temperature, “What Doesn’t Kill Us” by Scott Carney explains why that other famous Wisconsin season is actually good for us, too. Being cold, it turns out, can lengthen our lives—so don’t put those skis and snowshoes too far back in the closet! 

Happy reading!