Two Good Dogs

By Terri Schlichenmeyer —

Thinking ahead, you might want to stock up on novels for your spring and summer reading, so here are three books you’ll love …

Mangrove Lightning
Known around Florida for his fishing knowledge, retired guide Tootsie Barlow was afraid. His family, he believed, had been cursed since 1925, so he asked ex-CIA agent turned marine biologist Doc Ford to find the truth: Was it a curse or just plain bad luck? In “Mangrove Lightning” by Randy Wayne White, Barlow’s question, his niece’s disappearance, and literature’s creepiest family will keep you book-bound.

Vicious Circle
When Dallas Cates returns with revenge on his mind, it’s up to Joe Pickett to get one step ahead of him. In “Vicious Circle” by C.J. Box, Wyoming game warden Pickett has dealt with the Cates family before, and he can understand where Cates’ hate springs. But the loss of Cates’ family shouldn’t mean the harm of Pickett’s.

Two Good Dogs
Loss and gain are at the heart of “Two Good Dogs” by Susan Wilson. Skye Mitchell bought a crumbling old hotel in New England’s Berkshires, partly to get her daughter away from the Big City, but she only made things worse. What can a man and a pair of dogs do to make life better?

With these great novels, how can you go wrong?