The Autopsy of Jane Doe
A Dog's Purpose
The Salesman
By Vicki Severn —

The Autopsy of Jane Doe—R
A woman’s body is found under unusual circumstances and is brought to a father-and-son coroner team. While examining the body, they experience terrorizing and horrific supernatural phenomena. This is the first English-speaking film for director Andre Ovredal and is scheduled to be released May 2.

A Dog’s Purpose—PG
Based on a novel by humorist W. Bruce Cameron, this film follows a dog’s journey through life and reincarnation as he finds a different meaning and purpose for life with each owner. This sweet story will have you laughing and grabbing tissues. Voiced by Josh Gad and starring Dennis Quaid, “A Dog’s Purpose” will be available May 2.

The Salesman (Forushande)—PG-13
An unsafe construction site forces a young Iranian couple to move. When the wife is attacked in their new home, life is in disarray, and, after learning the assault has to do with the previous owner, the husband seeks revenge. This film won numerous awards, including an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. “The Salesman” will be released May 2.