La Crosse Regional Airport

By Andrea Culletto — 

You’ve heard of “buy local,” but how about “fly local”? Just as it is important to support our local businesses, it’s equally important to support our local airport. Why? Local airports like the La Crosse Regional Airport (LSE) create jobs and provide millions of dollars in sales and income every year. They have a profound impact on our local quality of life and economic prosperity. In addition, they provide a valuable service to our area residents and businesses. 

Low-Stress Experience 

Flying in and out of the La Crosse Regional Airport is a low-stress experience. This is particularly impressive when you realize that LSE is western Wisconsin’s largest airport, serving more than 200,000 passengers annually. The team members at LSE believe it is their job to welcome and send you off with a low-stress experience. The airport’s 2014 remodel, which included a new restaurant and bar, a children’s play area, mother’s room, outdoor pet relief area, and updated seating with USB charging ports throughout the terminal, has made flying local even more enjoyable. 

The True Cost of Travel

Cost is an important factor in making any purchasing decision. But while a lower fare in another city can look attractive, it’s important to take into account the true cost of travel. This includes financial components like gas, vehicle wear and tear, parking rates, meals, and overnight hotel stays, in addition to the airfare itself. It also includes the time it takes to drive to another location, which could likely be better spent elsewhere. When you take all factors into consideration, flying out of LSE is often cheaper and a more effective use of your time. 

Your Support Brings Additional Services

The La Crosse Regional Airport is your airport. Economic studies show the Coulee Region has the passenger volume to provide additional air service, but needs residents and businesses to recognize the airport as a valuable resource and use its services accordingly. 

As more people fly local, LSE will be able to increase its flight options and additional services to new destinations. Increased services help support local businesses, attract new industry and benefit area residents. “The health of LSE Airport impacts the strength of our economy and quality of life in our communities,” said Kristen Duchrow, La Crosse Regional Airport marketing coordinator.

Support Your Community by Becoming an LSE Leader

The La Crosse Regional Airport recently launched “LSE Leaders,” a program that gives local businesses the opportunity to support our airport, and ultimately our community, through travel policies that consider a commitment to fly LSE. The airline industry has become a challenging environment for regional airports. Today only 25.5 percent of travelers originating from the 7 Rivers Region utilize LSE, resulting in a reduction of flight frequency. This can be reversed, however, with a commitment to fly local and support our local airport, businesses and each other.

“LSE Leaders can feel proud they are paving the way for others to choose to fly local,” Duchrow said. 

To calculate your true cost of travel, visit For more information about LSE Leaders or to commit your organization to a travel policy, contact Clinton Torp, airport director, at or call (608) 789-7456.

La Crosse Regional Airport