Q. What type of exercise is best for long-term weight loss?

A. The answer, in two words, is strength training. But before you start sputtering about bulging biceps and a svelte appearance, hear me out. 

Unity Fitness

By Jordan Rudolph  

Weight loss has been the No. 1 fitness goal for the last two decades. It has also been in the top three New Year’s resolutions for as long as we can remember. The world is full of tools, products and methods to help us lose weight, yet we are still seeing a climb in obesity, body mass index (BMI), diabetes and other diseases. In fact, we are now seeing these statistics trickle down into adolescents and children.

Off the top of your head, you can probably name multiple products, supplements or programs that help you lose weight. If these companies are offering a solution, why is there still a “problem?”

The reason for this is because it’s quite rare that any of these programs will continue to stimulate your body in a way that helps you keep the weight off. So, you think you will lose as much weight as possible (as quickly as possible), and then you won’t have to worry about your weight ever again. Instead, you spend money, lose weight, hit a plateau, spend more money, and gain all the weight back.

The fitness industry now has enough research to give us the information we need to optimize results. This exercise science shows us that strength training appears to be the best type of exercise for long-term weight loss for numerous reasons:

  • Develops and builds lean muscle and dense bone
  • Boosts your metabolism
  • Improves insulin sensitivity 
  • Increases cognitive function and balance
  • Decreases anxiety and stress

There is no magic pill or product. Strength training is honest work that should be done on a program that works best for you and your goals. Another benefit of strength training is that it grows with you. As you become stronger, it is easy to apply new adaptations that promote even better results!

Best of all, you need not worry about bulging muscles. That is a myth from the fitness industry that needs to go away. Instead, you need to know about the incredible, long-term benefits listed above. The initial thought behind strength training was to gain big muscles, but strength training actually provides for better overall health and sustainable weight loss. It’s not just our beliefs anymore; it’s in the research!

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