By Terri Schlichenmeyer  

Summer has broken out all over, so why not grab these great books and enjoy!

The Broken Road
A modified rags-to-riches story is at the heart of “The Broken Road” by Richard Paul Evans. In it, Evans “meets” a man who’s on a walkabout to pay for past sins. The man looks grizzled, but he’s got a secret. Can you ever fully atone for the wrongs you’ve done? This wonderful book from a popular author will help you see …

The Broken  Ladder
Are you a Have … or a Have Not?  Your income, status, and the neighborhood in which you live all affect your life, and in “The Broken Ladder” by Keith Payne, the author imagines a ladder as a metaphor for inequality. The higher the rung an individual reaches, the better their status and income, health, safety and future. The lower the rung, the less the person has, monetarily and otherwise.

Broke Millenial
But, maybe you can fix that—at least for the next generation. In “Broke Millennial” by Erin Lowry, you can be a dinero hero. With methods that are easy enough for a middle-schooler to try, author Erin Lowry explains nearly everything consumers need to know about finances, in layman’s terms and simple steps.