Olivet Beacon of Light Lutheran Church

By Katie TerBeest  

In 2007, the congregation of Olivet Beacon of Light Lutheran Church on French Island developed a meaningful design concept for an addition to the church. Pastor David Baldukas said the design was inspired by the church’s mission statement: “Sharing the Light and Love of Our Lord.” 

After meeting with several contractors at the time, the church went with Brickl Bros. because they understood Olivet’s vision for the space.

“They took the time to understand our DNA—our vision, our dream, our purpose,” Baldukas said. 

The design featured a lighthouse at the east end of the building because they believe God has called them as a church to be a lighthouse of His love, forgiveness and grace. Entering the main doors, three beams overhead represent the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These beams lead to a large oak cross standing tall under a vast overhead expanse, because, as Baldukas explained, “The answer is always up with God.” 

Under the cross, the tile work on the floor displays several large circles within each other, representing the eternal relationship followers have with God and all believers. The outer ring is made up of small tiles in sets of 10, representing the Ten Commandments. 

“Having a building that tells a story was very important,” Baldukas said. The architectural design was completely thought out with unique meaning behind many of the features. 

In 2016, when the church was led by God through prayer to add an education wing, Olivet chose Brickl Bros. once again. Dorothy Payne, the church administrator, said, “It was a seamless addition. If you hadn’t been here before, you really wouldn’t know the difference between where the old and new meet.” 

Built not just for the growing church congregation but also for the community as well, the education wing is used as a training center to help people understand their full potential through small group meetings and community support groups. 

“We refer to this building as a tool. It’s not something to be worshiped; it’s here to be used by us for Jesus Christ,” Payne said. 

Baldukas and Payne both agree that Brickl Bros. went above and beyond, exceeding all their expectations. “They helped in the process to know what we didn’t know and see what we couldn’t see,” Baldukas added. “We felt God giving us a vision. They understood that vision, and it fell together in a miraculous way.” 

For more information on Olivet Beacon of Light Lutheran Church, visit www.OlivetLutheran.org.

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