Mill Haven Foods

By Katie TerBeest  

When Mill Haven Foods, a New Lisbon-based dry dairy powder manufacturer, needed to expand, CEO Brian Slater and his wife, company President Hollie Slater, set their sights on Tomah for their second manufacturing location. 

“We had a choice to either grow or maintain, and we chose to grow,” Hollie said. With proximity to the New Lisbon headquarters and a convenient location right off the interstate, “the city of Tomah was very accommodating; they welcomed us with both arms.” 

Brian added, “In Tomah there is a larger population, which means more candidates for the jobs we’re creating. So, they’re allowing an expansion for us while we’re creating jobs for the community.”

This expansion allows Mill Haven the capacity it needs to create more product and keep production running smoothly 24 hours a day, five days a week with brand-new, state-of-the-art equipment. The new facility also has a large 60-foot tower where product is blended, sifted and vacuumed up, a signature design element at both Mill Haven plants. There’s a large employee break room, locker rooms with showers, and a place for workers to keep their belongings during their shifts. The highly secured facility puts food and health safety at the forefront, with footbath stations to wash the soles of shoes worn in the plant, ensuring there is no cross-contamination. The large warehouse and shipping area is painted to liven things up, showing customers and employees that Mill Haven is not an ordinary, boring warehouse. And the front end, which includes a reception area and several offices, is modern with a sleek gray, welcoming look. 

Both Brian and Hollie credit Brickl Bros. for the ability to utilize the entire space. “If there were smaller spaces that we maybe saw as unusable, they made those places useable,” Brian said. Brickl also did the work for the first Mill Haven location in New Lisbon and worked with them on several expansions and projects before creating the second location in Tomah. “Working with Brickl Bros has been the best investment we could have made. They stand behind their work. They put the time in to listen to what we need, and they put our needs first.” 

Mill Haven Foods plans to open the doors to its new Tomah location Nov. 1. For more information, including job opportunities, visit

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