By Greg Brickl  

Normally “Your Link to Design/Build” is reserved for Brickl Bros. clients to relay interesting information about their respective organizations, often within the context of their recently constructed or renovated building.

In this issue, though, we’re doing things a bit differently because we’d like to talk about one of our clients long before their project is finished.

The client is Coulee Council on Addictions, a not-for-profit organization that has been providing support for nearly 50 years to La Crosse-area individuals and their loved ones affected by substance abuse.

Currently located at 921 West Ave. S. in La Crosse, Coulee Council on Addictions provides and/or coordinates assessments, prevention education, support groups, events and a variety of activities. Perhaps most importantly, the organization provides a place for people in recovery to relax and socialize in an alcohol-free and drug-free environment with people who share common experiences, challenges and goals. It’s a place offering empowerment, understanding, hope and safety to people seeking to remain clean and sober.

Tragically, addiction (opioid addiction in particular) is spiraling out of control in our area with rapidly increasing numbers of Coulee Region families impacted each year. Unfortunately, traditional efforts by local and state government to reverse the upward trend in substance abuse have been largely unsuccessful. Turning the tide on substance abuse and all the collateral damage it causes requires a redoubled and concerted public/private effort, and we believe Coulee Council on Addictions’ approach to abuse prevention, education, awareness and addiction recovery services is a critical component of that effort.

Because of the meaningful work Coulee Council on Addictions does, we were very pleased to help break ground at 921 Ferry St. in late October. By the summer of 2018, the Ferry Street site will have transformed from a vacant lot into Coulee Recovery Center, a new 13,500-square-foot home for Coulee Council on Addictions. This new facility will be more than double the size of the current one, offering an environment specifically designed to allow the organization to reach more people and provide more and higher quality services.

Speaking of design, while we design and build the majority of our projects, in this case we partnered with HSR Associates, the respected, La Crosse-based architecture firm. Working together, Brickl Bros., HSR and Coulee Council on Addictions staff and board members collaborated to design a facility we know will be a huge leap forward, providing a welcome and timely tool for the organization to significantly amplify its impact.

Big or small, we always strive to make each of our clients equally important, and helping them realize dreams and objectives is incredibly rewarding for us. For many at Brickl Bros., that reward is the reason we build. But seldom does the opportunity arise to help an organization that fundamentally changes—and perhaps saves—people’s lives. And for that reason, Coulee Council on Addictions is on a level of its own. 

We thank the Coulee Council on Addictions staff and board of directors for selecting our company as their build partner. We’re honored and grateful for the opportunity to assist with this important project.

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