Unity Fitness Turning Your Resolution into a Revolution

By Jordan Rudolph  

The New Year is upon us. It’s an incredible time of year in terms of growth, development and achievement … as well as stagnation, stoppage and loss. Why is that?

Forbes says that nearly 40 percent of us will make a New Year’s Resolution (NYR) this year. 80 percent of those will “fail” by the second week of February and 92 percent by the end of the month. That means only 8 percent of us can maintain our NYR for the entire year.

During my six years as a fitness coach, I’ve come up with three main reasons we don’t achieve our NYRs, and those reasons apply to any goal, not just health and fitness.

No. 1: You don’t take enough action (you’re waiting for the right time):

You become motivated when you determine what your goal is. That motivation leads to action, and you often start searching for answers. The search then overwhelms you with options that lead to paralysis, and you consequently find yourself seeking more info to avoid taking action.

Your goal is more important than seeking more info, and taking action will lead to further motivation. You deserve this goal, so keep taking action! Anything helps, just don’t get stuck seeking information. Otherwise, March will arrive and you’ll be in the same place you were three months ago.

No. 2: We don’t learn how to do the little things right (we don’t form the right habits):

You try to jump from step to step without learning the process. As much as we like to be told what to do, it doesn’t lead to sustainability. You need to write your own manual on how to reach your goal. What worked for others may not work for you. However, you must do the little things. 

The best athletes and most successful people in the world don’t just do the little things, they do them better than anyone else. They create rituals and habits that move them toward their goals. You must do the same. Focus on ONE THING at a time and master it. 

No. 3: We don’t have someone there to help navigate our path (aka we don’t hire a coach):

In my mind, the best coaches aren’t there to tell you what to do. In fact, that’s not even a decent coach. The best coach involves you and guides you to your destination by working with you right where you are. This person helps you determine the safest and most efficient way to get from Point A to Point B, adapting as needed to keep you moving closer to your goals (even when life gets crazy). Your coach will also make sure your goal is broken down into smaller, not-so-intimidating goals so you can always take action.

I believe if you can commit to those three things, you will accomplish your goal this year and turn your resolution into a revolution! 

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Happy Revolutions!!