By Jordan Rudolph  

As you drive by our windows on South Avenue, you might peek inside and think the interior looks like every other gym that doesn’t have machines. You may be wondering what we do in there with no machines or stationary equipment to facilitate our strength training.

One thing you might not see is that when you’re a member at Unity Fitness, you’re not just joining a gym, you’re hiring a team of coaches. You may not see that each member is interacting with a coach during every visit to the gym. You might not notice the incredible group of members we have. You also may not see the accountability, judgment-free support and extraordinary love our members (The Fitfam) give each other.

This is only part of what makes Unity special.

We could begin with our mission: to inspire and educate people on how to better their lives by helping them move better, feel better and look better by working as a commUNITY of like-minded individuals as we improve the way fitness is done. We believe fitness is improved by making it more individualized for each member, and we feel that’s exactly what you deserve.

Unity Fitness is more like a training facility than a general gym, designing individualized programs and classes that achieve specific goals. You’re not just a number at our facility. Unity Fitness is a smaller gym where you are greeted by name when we say “Hello” as you enter and “See you soon” when you’re heading home. We’re a private facility focused on service, and our No. 1 goal is to provide our members with the results they desire.

It all starts with a friendly greeting during the free consultation we call a Strategy Session. In this session, we go over your health/medical history, exercise history, goal assessment and Functional Movement Screen. In other words, we take the time to get to know YOU and collect all the information we need to build the perfect plan and help you achieve your goals. Once you become a member of The Fitfam, our team will create a program that is specifically designed for you and what you want to accomplish.

Your personalized plan includes everything you need in the realm of fitness: cardiovascular work, strength, flexibility and recovery—all individualized to you. You also get one-on-one nutrition coaching that is dependent on your goals and assessment. Lastly, you become a member of an incredible, supportive community that is full of like-minded individuals who are bettering themselves every day.

Unity Fitness is home to some of the most reputable coaches in the area. All our coaches are nationally accredited and have an undergraduate or graduate degree in the field. We like to think we’re serious people who don’t take ourselves too seriously, but the one thing we do take seriously is your results (and safety)!

The best news is that we are adding more training hours and classes to better accommodate your schedule. If you want to come and truly experience the difference risk-free, give us a call or visit our website and send us a message. We back up our individualized programs by offering a guarantee: If you meet the requirements as outlined in our client guarantee and can honestly say that after 30 days you don’t look or feel any better than when you started, we will refund 100 percent of the program fees paid to us for those 30 days.

Let’s talk! With our mission, focus of service, community and guarantee, you have nothing to lose. We will see you soon! 

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