The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
The Good Place Season 1

By Vicki Severn  

Mary and the Witch’s Flower—PG
Mary is a clumsy, red-haired girl living with her great aunt, but when she stumbles upon a rare flower, she is transformed into a witch for one day. Mary, along with The Little Broomstick, discovers Endor College for witches—its location is in the clouds. There she discovers she is a natural at witchy things like casting spells and becoming invisible. Mary learns that not everyone uses magic for good and must decide how to use her power. This Japanese anime fantasy film is based on the book “The Little Broomstick” by Mary Stewart and will be released May 1. 

Lazer Team 2—PG-13
Having already saved the world from intergalactic enemies, Lazer Team’s fame has left them resentfully going their separate ways. When one member of the team is kidnapped by aliens, however, the team must put aside the past to save a friend. Through their space travel, they learn about consequences for their past actions and that some alien species hold a grudge. This silly sequel is filled with cheesy, adult, sci-fi humor and loveable, goofball characters who learn the value of teamwork. “Lazer Team 2” is scheduled for release May 1. 

I Kill Giants—NR
Who brings a Norse hammer to middle school? Who wears bunny ears and believes magic is real? Loner Barbara Thorson does. She also claims to be a skilled hunter of giants. This raises the eyebrows of her school psychologist, who believes these delusions are her way of dealing with troubles at home. Barbara insists on bravery over cowardly actions and fights against those who want to destroy all good things. This fantasy/thriller is based on the comic book and stars Zoe Saldana, Madison Wolfe and Imogen Poots. “I Kill Giants” will be available on DVD May 22.