Where can you travel and experience a journey on which all your senses will be teased every step of the way? Certainly no place better than ALASKA! Jo Ann Buening, Alaska destination specialist at Travel Leaders/Goli’s Avenues of Travel (and twelve-time Alaska visitor), provides a sampling of how your senses will be awakened when traveling to our beautiful 49th state—The Last Frontier. 


Glaciers cracking

Icebergs sizzling

Trains whistling

Sea otters chatting with each other

Whales clicking and whistling

Moose emitting warning
sounds to stay clear

Silence—perhaps the
most important! 


Beautiful wildflowers

Iditarod dogs and puppies—
very important to the Alaskans

An evergreen bow

Glacier ice

A sharp Ulu knife—now used for chopping herbs, once used to remove blubber from whales


Berries—salmonberries, cloudberries, raspberries, lingonberries

Salmon, halibut and crab

Reindeer and moose meat

Alaskan Amber beer

Baked Alaska 


Flowers—who can resist?

Evergreens—nature’s potpourri


Campfires—the scent of natural wood

The great outdoors—fresh!


Beautiful mountains— the greatest being Mount Denali (“The Great One”)

Wildlife—caribou, bear, Dall sheep, moose, ptarmigan,
bald eagles

Flowers—forget-me-nots, fireweed, bluebells

24 hours of continuous daylight in the summertime

Glaciers calving

Ever-changing landscapes— tundra, mountains, lakes, rivers

Salmon in the streams

Shiny gold

Alaska is a wonderful destination to tease all your body’s senses … a place that, in square miles, is the largest of our United States. It’s a vast area to explore with so many options to experience. Allow yourself enough time to really tease your senses, whether in the mountainous interior of Alaska or the Inside Passage’s rainforest, as one is very different from the other.

Alaska is a place where Mother Nature can really shine; she begs for your return as she changes the landscape during every visit, which is just another reason why there are so many repeat visitors. Is Alaska on your “short list” of must-do destinations?

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