You're Sending Me Where

By Terri Schlichenmeyer  

Dead on Arrival
What would you do to get something you can’t have?  In “Dead on Arrival” by Kiki Swinson, the answer is: anything.

Reese Spencer loved to gamble. Unfortunately, his wife said he had bills to pay and she was eager to start a family. That made for some interesting paydays, and if it weren’t for the chance to steal from the international containers now and then to re-sell the merch, he’s not sure how they’d make it. When a big job is presented to him, Reese takes it, but things go sour on the second round. And then someone starts to watch his house …

This book is profane and includes explicit sex, but the ending (don’t cheat) will make you scream and throw the book against the wall—twice. 

The Sun Does Shine
If a different kind of memoir is more to your liking, then you’ll enjoy “The Sun Does Shine” by Anthony Ray Hinton with Lara Love Hardin.

In the summer of 1985, Hinton was just putting his life back together after a youthful mistake. That was when he was arrested for a crime that happened while he was at work, miles from the crime scene. Still, his arrest led to court and a sentence of death. This is his story of life on Death Row, friendship between criminals and the men who hold them, responsibility, and life after truth. It’s a powerful book, too, and could spark conversations about race and the
penal system.

Tough Mothers
And finally, f you want something on the quick-to-read side, pick “Tough Mothers” by Jason Porath. Each chapter in this book is short but mighty, taking a look at scrappy, no-nonsense, fierce moms throughout history and around the world. Read about Vera Peters, a pioneering doctor and cancer researcher who presented information that male docs refused to believe. Read about Bella Abzug, Sojourner Truth, Molly Craig and Mother Lu. Chapters are accompanied by fun illustrations, but beware: It’s true that Porath was an animation artist, but the chapters inside this book are absolutely NOT for kids. Grown-ups only, please.