Since the average person spends about a third of their life in bed, it is important for your health and well-being to choose the bedding that is right for you. With that in mind, we would like to introduce you to AmeriDown Factory Outlet for all your bedding and bath needs.

AmeriDown’s associates are trained to help with all your bedding questions, including the choice of a pillow or comforter that fits you and your lifestyle. Below are some simple steps to help you style your bed in a way that not only looks great but also provides you with the best sleep ever.

1) Comforters, Quilts and Duvet Covers

This will be the main focus of your bedroom, with options available in many different colors, patterns, textures, fill types and warmth levels. All other components will coordinate with and complement what you choose for the top of your bed. Consider the look you want to create, the warmth level you will require, and how the top of your bed needs to perform. Will there be children and/or pets on your bed? If so, choose sturdy fabrics with little or no ornate details. Consider how often the bedding will be laundered and choose based on that factor as well. A duvet cover will protect and prolong the life of your comforter while minimizing the need to wash it as frequently.

2) Sheets

This layer is all about personal preference. Sheets are offered in a variety of fabrics and finishes, solids and prints, thread counts and weaves. You may prefer the crisp, cool feel of percale or the soft, smooth feel of sateen. Seasonality might also be a factor, as you may want to opt for flannel or fleece during the winter months. It’s a good idea to have two to three different sheet sets per bed and rotate them regularly; this will assure that you always have a spare if needed and will help reduce wear.

3) Pillows

Your choice of pillow will support your head and neck, allowing you to sleep comfortably. Different levels of firmness can offer the support you need based on your sleeping position, and a variety of fill types will allow you to choose what is best for your specific needs:

  • Soft support is best for stomach sleepers.
  • Medium support is best for back sleepers.
  • Firm support is best for side sleepers.

Pillow protectors are recommended to help prolong the life of your pillows.

4) Mattress Topper

The most comfortable bed begins with an extra layer of cushion between you and your mattress. A mattress pad or featherbed can also lengthen the life of your mattress, and a featherbed cover will prolong the life of your featherbed.

5) Finishing Touches

Add a blanket to increase the warmth level; throw on additional pillows or shams to add color and texture. You can also add a bed skirt for a finished look that is Pinterest-worthy or reminds you of a relaxing stay at your favorite hotel.

6) Bath Area

At the end of a long day, a warm shower or bath can also help you unwind. Add style and performance to your bath area with absorbent towels and rugs, as well as coordinating hardware and accessories!

As our modern lives become more and more hectic, a comfortable home is not just a luxury anymore, but a necessity. The increased stress of daily life can hinder a person’s ability to relax and ultimately sleep well, so why not do all you can to ensure you get a good night’s rest? Your bedding is an important investment in creating a haven where you and your family can sleep with ease. AmeriDown Factory Outlet can help you get the rest you deserve.

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