You're Sending Me Where

By Terri Schlichenmeyer  

All the Ever Afters
If you’re like most people, you grew up with fairy tales about princesses and evil stepmothers. In “All the Ever Afters” by Danielle Teller, you’ll hear the story from an unlikely character’s point of view.

There’s a reason everyone loves Ella. She’s lovely—even more so now that she’s expecting a child with her handsome prince. Ella’s stepmother, Agnes, is particularly excited, as this babe means everything for the future. The future would certainly be better than Agnes’ past.

You need to read this book. Throw out every bad thing you ever thought about the “other” characters in your childhood fairy tales. And bring tissues—this is “that kind” of book. 

The Royal Art of Poison
And while you’ve got “that kind” of mindset, grab “The Royal Art of Poison” by Eleanor Herman. 

Imagine it’s the year 1395 and you’ve just ascended the throne. Imagine that the power you’ve suddenly grabbed wasn’t 100 percent popular in your land. Wouldn’t you worry a little about your life? That’s the premise of this book—and more. Herman also writes of poison in medicine during medieval times, natural poison in your drink, poison in your clothes, poison in the air. There were some unsavory things people accepted as normal in those days of yore, and Herman tells a lively tale of intrigue, history and science. You’ll laugh, too—in between gasps.

The Sinners
Now that you’re thinking of murder, pick up “The Sinners” by Ace Atkins, the latest in the Quinn Colson series.

Quinn and the woman he loves are about to get married. It’s got gossipy tongues wagging because Quinn was the sheriff who arrested Maggie’s ex and sent him to prison, but that’s not Quinn’s problem now. What IS his problem is that Fannie Hathcock, owner of the local gentleman’s club, has gotten herself wrapped up in a scheme to transport drugs—and more. Quinn would happily let the Feds take care of it … until a local boy with ties to Fannie turns up dead. Note: You won’t want to put down this book!