The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
The Good Place Season 1

By Vicki Severn  

Beautifully Broken—PG-13
Three families—one from Nashville, Tennessee; another escaping the Rwandan genocide; and a third forced to choose to fight or be killed—are forever linked by compassion when teenager Andrea Hartley sponsors a child from Rwanda. Andrea and Umuhoza begin corresponding frequently and develop a special relationship that starts to deteriorate as Andrea’s life crumbles. Because of this African connection, Andrea’s father bonds with William Mwizerwa, a Rwandan refugee struggling to bring his family to the United States. Together, they work to help other refugees rebuild other broken people. This is not a big-budget film, but the plot (based on a true story) will keep your heart beating. This faith-based film is scheduled to be released on DVD Dec. 4. 

Incredibles 2—PG
The Parr family is not cut out for a quiet, suburban life, and keeping their superhero identities under wraps is taking its toll. When Elastigirl is offered a superhero job, she accepts and leaves Mr. Incredible home with the children. But things don’t seem right for Elastigirl, and she struggles to know if it’s because she’s working solo or because something’s rotten. At home, Mr. Incredible navigates the struggles of having a teenage daughter with a crush, a hyperactive son who’s struggling with homework, and a baby who may or may not have bizarre superpowers. This long-awaited sequel has finally arrived and will be available on DVD Nov. 6.

Sharp Objects: Season 1
Camille Preaker is a reporter for the St. Louis Chronicle who has tried to forget the skeletons from her childhood. But, when two girls are missing and presumed dead in Preaker’s hometown, her boss sends her to investigate. While on assignment, Preaker is forced to see her overcritical, socialite mother, and she must relive the trauma from her own sister’s death. Preaker herself is a train wreck but can only move forward by dealing with her past and trying to reconnect with her mother while writing and working to solve the murders. “Sharp Objects” stars Amy Adams and is based on the book of the same name by Gillian Flynn (“Gone Girl”). This thrilling drama will be released Nov. 27.