You're Sending Me Where

By Terri Schlichenmeyer  

Lessons From Lucy: The Simple
Joys of an Old, Happy Dog
Your furry buddy loves this time of year too, so why not share “Lessons from Lucy” by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Dave Barry with Fido?

Yes, this is signature Dave Barry: funny, fun to read, with plenty of asides, off-topic goofiness, and a lump in your throat every now and then, but there’s a difference here—one that’s really sweetly pronounced. Barry seems more introspective than in his other books, letting readers in on his regrets, biggest peeves and missed opportunities. His humor pokes great fun, but it feels like it might be fragile, too, which gives it a sense of wistfulness. 

Chronicles of a Radical Hag
Words, as you know, have power. They can influence, impact, inspire and incite, and in “Chronicles of a Radical Hag (with Recipes)” by Lorna Landvik, they come from a character that never speaks one word throughout. No, Landvik’s main character is mute and ailing from page 5 forward, but that only makes her presence stronger and imbues extra meaning to her columns and her diary, both of which, together, make up about half the book. The other half consists of a delightful unfolding of gentle drama, mom humor, current events, politics, twists and surprises revealed at a pleasant pace and wrapped in a love story to close neighbors and small towns, where people might gossip but the truth is better. 

Wolf Pack
And finally, hunting season is over, and in “Wolf Pack” by C.J. Box, Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett hates that someone is harassing wild animals for no reason. The problem is that the perp might be his daughter’s boyfriend’s father, but what’s worse is that a different kind of “wolf pack” is in the area. They’re deadly, and they’re getting impatient.

Keep your fingers in good shape while reading this book because you’ll need them to cling to your seat. What’s to come literally winds up mountains and down through arroyos, between rocks and bullets. The fact that this book is a thriller is appealing, but the scenery in the story is just as attractive, and Box tops it off by bringing many of his best-loved characters into this novel. Just beware that some of them may not make it out.