The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
The Good Place Season 1

By Vicki Severn  

The Best of Enemies—PG-13
It’s 1971 in Durham, North Carolina, and despite the 1954 Supreme Court decision to end segregation, schools are still segregated. That is, until the mostly-black school catches fire. The all-white city council votes against integrating those children into the all-white school, causing racial tension to escalate. Several town meetings are scheduled, and local civil rights activist Ann Atwater and local KKK president C.P. Ellis are asked to co-chair the meetings. Through the course of the meetings, Atwater and Ellis learn they may have more in common than they expected. “The Best of Enemies” is based on a true story and is scheduled to be released on DVD July 2.

An Acceptable Loss—R
Seeking to eliminate a handful of terrorists, top national security advisor Libby Lamm approved military action which killed 150,000 innocent people. Lamm knows those people were killed as a result of false information. She resigned and is now teaching at a college, but she is still haunted by her past. Suspicious of government surveillance, she uses no phones or computers as she crafts her memoir to tell her truth to the world. Her former boss hears about her project and labels Lamm a traitor. Now Lamm must rely on her skills and a resourceful grad student to survive. This political thriller stars Tika Sumpter and Jamie Lee Curtis and is set to release July 2. 

Rike, a busy 40-year-old emergency room doctor, embarks on a much-needed dream vacation—a trip of a lifetime sailing solo on her boat from Gibraltar to Ascension Island, a small island in the Atlantic. Her plans for peace and relaxation are quickly thwarted when she encounters a fishing boat filled with refugees. It is damaged and sinking after a storm, with more than 100 people that could drown. When her calls for aid are ignored, Rike must make a significant decision. This drama mixes unforgettable discomfort with humanity and kindness. Directed by Wolfgang Fischer, “Styx” is scheduled to be released on DVD July 2.